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1. What is Kommunity?

Kommunity is a collaborative work-space and social movement, and we are open to all. We are a safe space where professional and emerging artists and thinkers and tastemakers come together to exchange ideas and collaborate.
Every day, Kommuniteers network and collaborate around the passions that drive them.
Kommunity is your playground. Your community, if you will. So how’s it work? Let’s say you have a great concept that you’re passionate about or a project you’ve been wanting to see through, you’ll find a home here. Come in, sign up and we will get you started. We have educational programs and seminars and clubs for enthusiasts and professionals of all backgrounds waiting to meet with you.
We also have a ton of events that take place on our grounds that cater to all sorts of cool things to keep you busy on your off days.
Beyond that we really, really believe in doing the thing you love, the thing you’ve always dreamt of doing, in a place that feels like a community. We act that way because we are that way. Kommunity isn’t a place for one thing you can label, it is a place without labels, for everything. Just bring yourself and a great mindset. It is all you’ll need.
We value diversity, innovation, cooperation, creativity, kindness and honesty in our members and always have fun getting to work on something fun and engaging together. We praise fun! We love creativity! We enjoy the comradery! We work hard and play hard!

Build. Create. Meet. Develop. Change. Grow. Participate.
And find what it is you’re looking for.

2. Why join Kommunity?

You want to be around people like you. People that can teach you and grow alongside and speak the same language. Meet and spend time with people on a similar path, who have complimenting passions and goals.

Also, you should join because we want people like you.

3. What are the membership benefits?

A flourishing place to work and call your own. Centralized networking opportunities. Eager individuals all on similar paths and with similar mindsets with a desire to help out their fellow peers.
Membership benefits also include in-house support, mentoring and educational programs, an insider access to local entertainment, events, workshops, and worthy discounts for the things you love.
In detail membership breakdown can be found here.

You’ll also get access to our facilities, Wi-Fi, mailing and printing services, networking opportunities along with a great place to get things done. We also have free parking, if that’s what you’re after.

4. If I don’t own a business, can I still join Kommunity?

Yes, and we think you should! We cater to start-up businesses and other idea-driven endeavors. We also have artists and people engaging in social programs. Our community-based approach means we are looking for a broad range of people to join, work together and inspire each other.

5. I’m an expat. Can I join if I am not a Kuwaiti citizen?

You sure can! Everybody is welcome to join. We are a multicultural band of characters. So whether you’ve been born and raised in Kuwait, or you’ve just moved here and can’t get enough of the karak tea, we’d love to have you.

6. What’s on offer?

Coworking spaces for every member to share, private offices and meeting rooms for those who need it. We also hold workshops, seminars, and other events.
We offer free parking and high-speed Wi-Fi internet for all members.
Our members will receive exclusive discounts and deals on things of importance to them. They also get 20% off on all events.
A project mentoring program is in the works for members.
We also have a coffee bar!

7. What’s your mission?

We want people to connect, network and share ideas openly with the ideal that they make things come to life together. We want to empower our innovators and artists, both emerging and established.

8. What makes Kommunity different from other collaborative workspaces?

We are a community! We are a living, breathing, growing community of thinkers and doers, first, and a coworking space, second. We also truly stand behind our mission for people to come together and exchange ideas, business ventures and general musings or whatever else catches your fancy.

We want you to do your own thing. With others like you.

9. Can you help me? I have an idea! A passion project! What do I do now?

Come by Kommunity. We will help you get your project off the ground. We will try to connect you with the right people and support you realize your project.
Also, we can’t wait to meet you in person!

10. Can I start my own club? Or a campaign?

Yes, you can! Many of our members have done just that. We highly encourage Kommunity activities and clubs here. We have a few already established, so be sure to check them out.
Also, signing up for any of our existing clubs are easy. Just ask at the reception if you need help.

11. Do you have lockers?

We do. We do monthly rentals for your stuff so you don’t have to lug them back and forth each day.

12. What are your hours?

We are open 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm.

13. Do you have a snack bar?

We do! Do you like snacks? We enjoy snacking too. We may have an obsession with them.
Oh! We have a coffee bar too! Can’t forget about that! You do like coffee, right?

14. Do you offer a doubles discount if I bring a friend?

We have a great referral program. How it works is for each friend (referral) you bring who becomes a member, you will get KD5 credit as a gift, from us, to you. The KD5 stacks so refer as many people as you like! Your friend(s) will, as an added bonus, receive 10% off their membership as well.

15. Can Non-members use any part of Kommunity?

Absolutely! Firstly, we have our Transient Pass for day-by-day users. You’ll get most of the member perks but not all.
In detail membership breakdown can be found here.
We also offer our Multi Events Room to the public. It is available to rent by any member or non-member for the reason of their choosing. It can be used for seminars, weekend events etc.
Look here for more info or call +965 444 3333 for direct booking with our helpful staff.

16. I want to join Kommunity. How do I sign up for a membership?

Easy, you can sign up through our online portal here.
Or meet us on local and speak with our reception.
We accept all major forms of payment, including Knet.

17. Where is Kommunity located?

You can find us here:
Kommunity Building 10001
112 Street, Block 10
Mishref, Hawally Governate

18. I still have some questions. Where to do I direct them?

Any additional questions you may have can be sent to or come ask in person, we’d love to meet you.

Learn more about Kommunity’s membership plans.

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