What is Kommunity ?

Once Upon A Life in Kuwait, you were born to this world, and you grew up to be a young independent person, who defied odds and not necessary had the perfect support system around. You hate fake interactions, unnecessary social obligations, and you’re tired of wearing a mask. You’re the kind of person who likes investing time in exploring and developing as a person. You’ve been struggling to find the right people who you can connect (or click) with on a mental level. You have arrived #WeAreYourCrowd


This is one of the many reasons why we started Kommunity. A place that bring people together, sheds a light on local talents and breaks the barriers of social backgrounds, and embracing diversity. We are a social movement for the better change we all aspire for, the tolerance we want to instill in us. We are here to drive your perspectives, to challenge your thoughts, and perhaps unlearn common misperceptions. We want you to come and leave with a lingering value that could shape your life for the better.

Kommunity Talks & Workshops

                                    Kommunity Talks & Workshops, vary from Seminars and Open Discussions, that are usually led by local Mavens… and sometimes International Mavens.

The Talks we have at Kommunity are ones that are selectively picked out to stand out. Topics of interest, from people with different backgrounds and one common deliverable of added-value. We love the crowd and their engagement, which always lead to exchanging knowledge with one another.

With our Workshops, we like to shift our focus to seminars with depth. The ease of information delivered and how much you can relate and adapt it to your life. We’ve had successful Workshops, with demand of sequels. Checkout our Upcoming Events Timeline, you’ll always find something within your interest.



Maven |noun|


One who is experienced or knowledgable: EXPERT

Upcoming Events

Event schedule

Charity Photowalk with Everyday Kuwait

May 27

Charity Photowalk with Everyday Kuwait

May 27

Until the next event

Be part of  Kommunity.

Do you feel there is a need or an interest with what you like to discuss among the community? The floor is yours! Contact us, tell us more and will take it from there.

It’s time to share your talent and capabilities with the world. Send us a little brief, tell us about the topic you have in mind. You’ll have the right platform start with.

We are open to all, with one common goal that serves our social movement. Reach out to us, and let’s do great things together.

The Kommuteers 

Kommuniteers |noun|



A person who steps out of the ordinary, works toward social change, inspires, creative, and believes in the power of Pizza with extra topping.

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